What is Krav Maga

What is Krav Maga

What is Krav Maga? Krav Maga literally means “combat contact”, basically close quarter combat, krav maga began with the needs for Israel to defend herself. All these techniques are IKI krav maga techniques, where you can learn them at our Krav Maga Israel Training Camp. These are techniques part of a
 unique system developed by Moshe Katz, Founder and CEO of IKI.

My name is Esther Lehman and I work with Moshe as a Krav Maga Trainer, I also am a personal trainer and I work with students one on one. As you can see from these videos you learn real time defense techniques with knives and guns, sticks, or any harmful and dangerous weapon in every possible scenario.

Krav Maga is the unarmed portion of combat; defense against guns, knives, sticks, and hand to hand combat. It is a simple, user friendly style, designed to meet the needs of modern self defense. In reality, it is also the number one first response to all terror, criminal, threat and attack situations.
Unlike traditional styles it is constantly being revised based on lessons learned on the battlefield and in combating terrorists.

Cutting Edge Krav Maga
Our Krav techniques are constantly being evaluated and upgraded. Full contact training, and lessons drawn from real life cases, form the basis of our constant reevaluation. This keeps us on the cutting edge of reality training. We are innovators, not imitators, because our goal is to save lives and not risk them.

Fun to Learn
Our first time students, lacking any previous training, are often surprised at how easy it is to learn. Krav Maga uses natural body movements to create techniques that are easy for the body to learn and retain and use in high stress situations. We use few techniques but apply them to many situations.Using rubber knives and guns we act our realistic scenarios in a safe and fun environment. The students have a good time and walk away feeling empowered.

Our Students
Our Krav Maga students include men and women of all ages and from all over the world; college students, law enforcement, Military and Special Forces, Israeli police officers and front line soldiers, security personnel from Holland to Ukraine. We have students and branches all over the world.
Many of our students are currently serving in the Israeli army as front line troops, tank commanders and combat instructors.

Tour and Train

You will learn the fundamentals of Krav Maga and its many applications.

  • Hand to hand combat
  • Defense vs common street attacks
  • Defense vs Knife threats, knife attacks, axes and other objects.
  • Defense vs Gun Threats; hand guns and long weapons
  • Defense in and around a car
  • How to handle Hostage situations.
  • Airline Defense
  • Combatives and Israeli Combat Spirit.

Registration – Deposit

Reserve your spot, Registration

$400 deposit and registration fee.  Non – Refundable.
This is a processing fee and reserves your spot. This covers us for our time, effort, and expense in the event the participant does not show up. If the participant does show this counts towards the cost of the course.

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